Behold the new kitten paradise where kittens come out to play(shop)!! meow~ =3

|Terms and Conditions|

1) Strictly no dead/ Missing-In-Action buyers. 2) Cost of postage is already included in price. 3) There will be no meet-ups AT ALL as I am lazy/ busy. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. 4) Items will be sent to buyer via standard mail unless upon request (extra charges) or registered mail if purchases add up to $30. 5) Reservations only last for 2 days. 6) The only mean of payment is directly to my POSB account . No concealed cash allowed. 7) The goods will be sent out as soon as I received the payment [most probably 1st thing the next day]. 8) I will not account for any lost/damaged goods once it is sent out.

|How to Order|

Send me an email to with the following info:

Name: xxxx Item No.: #xxxx Hp No.: xxxxxxxxx Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please check the information thoroughly for errors. You will receive an email confirming your reservation for 2 days from the day u received the email and my account no. Transfers the money to my POSB savings account and send me another email with the following information:

Name: xxxx Item No.: #xxxx Your Account No.: xxx-xxxxx-x(or whatever format yours is in)

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